Graphic Design

the meanings

A graphic designer or graphic artist conveys information through visual solutions that promote or enhance a service, product, philosophy or entity. Graphic design is a professional umbrella term for a skill set that can be applied to a wide range of positions. A good designer has strong interpersonal and marketing skills, in addition to a keen eye and an adept knowledge of electronic media packages.

our team of professionals

At JC Software Solutions, our graphic artists work with a variety of materials, including film media, animation, sound, images, illustration, type, color, and “white space.” The first step of any project is to identify the needs of the client. The designer must also consider the target market, taking social or cultural considerations into account. The process normally starts with a hand-drawn or electronic sketch of the layout, followed by a mockup presented for approval. A mockup that is attractive but fails to convey the proper message or serve the needs of the product in some way will be rejected.

logo design

We have a team dedicated to creating a distinctive logo for most of our customers. They work closely with department heads or clients to get a complete understanding of the expectations associated with any assigned project. Our team consult with printers and publishers to identify the best choice of paper, cover stocks, and printing processes.

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